Who controls Tor’s DNS traffic?

An Analysis of the Tor DNS Landscape.

Source: https://nymity.ch/dns-traffic-correlation/img/exit-resolvers-2015-05.png

Analyzing Tor Exit DNS Resolver Data

(Actual shares are likely higher since we only have data of 89% of the capacity)

What does that data tell us?

Solving the Problem

The Goal

Ideas for future work

What other information can we learn from this data?

Undeclared Relay Group Detection

Are there any DNS resolvers with a higher failure rate than others?

The same-AS Category

What Autonomous Systems are the biggest in the “sameAS” category?

What about DNS-over-TLS to protect DNS traffic from preying eyes?



Tor, Routing Security and DNS Privacy related Topics. https://nusenu.github.io

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